Why do I go to a beauty salon?

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25th July 2017
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Why do I go to a beauty salon?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say – and quite rightly. Too often we have images and concepts of what is deemed beautiful shoved down our throats by social media so it is refreshing to find that if we get back to basics and look to the bare bones of the word ‘beauty’, it is but a mixture of shape, colour and form – no specific shape, no particular colour – that, girls, is up to you.

And that is exactly what makes beauty salons thrive – it’s the imagination, ideas and wants of clients and the artistry and skill of the beautician that drives the creativity in the room. No one idea is best, and it’s no wonder that when a person finds a beautician that ‘gets’ them, they are loyal for life.

I don’t know about you but as a regular client, a fresh shape and gel polish and eyelash infills are an assumed monthly outgoing, just as I have for my phone bill and gym membership – if I have to miss an appointment, I don’t look like the me I have become used to. These small additions – a lick of colour and extra boost of gel strength on my prone-to-breaking nails, a flutter of black on my naturally short stubby lashes – are completely transformative. Without them, it’s fine, but with them I can roll out of bed without a scrap of makeup on and still think that I look and (more importantly) feel good; it genuinely boosts my confidence and in a world of Snapchat and Instagram, it’s lovely to look in mirror and like what you see #nofilter #iwokeuplikethis.

What I love about a good beauty salon is also very simple: they know me. They know that I rarely have the same colour twice unless I have exhausted all other options, but if I’m faffing then suggest a red and I’ll immediately go for it; they know that I don’t really like to talk if it’s a post-work appointment; they know that I will always jump at a herbal tea and I’ll say I don’t want a biscuit but, come on, give me the biscuits. It’s a very unique relationship that someone develops with their favourite beautician – you give over your hands, eyes, lips, legs and a whole host of other bits to their expertise, and that takes a lot of trust. I have had bad waxes and I have had horrendous waxes, and I have been known to commute for more than an hour as I couldn’t bear to leave my favourite wax girl.

When I really think about why I go to beauty salons, one thought that stays with me is that it’s not actually always about beauty. Not as we know it, anyway – it’s not always about image. Sometimes it’s about taking the time to nurture your skin and muscles with a facial or massage – no matter your shape, colour of form, there is nothing quite like that radiating feeling of warmth and calm that follows an aromatherapy massage. Something so luxurious could be seen as that – indulgent – but why not? Why are people so hesitant to treat themselves and their bodies properly? Not only does a massage give you the opportunity to escape for an hour but the effects last well into the coming days and can help prevent injury and strain, particularly if you are someone who is chained to an office desk daily or constantly on your feet. What a perfect birthday treat; what a perfect Wednesday treat!

Whether you are someone enhancing your image on a monthly basis or for a special event, or someone who is seeking some relaxation and TLC, the crux of it all is that you deserve to invest in yourself – whatever that means to you.

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