WANTED: Ladies who shave

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14th July 2017
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WANTED: Ladies who shave

Hair Removal Worthing

Do you secretly shave your face? Do you hide your razors in the bathroom, flush at the thought of anyone finding out, and rush to get home after work because you’re worried about your 5 o’clock shadow?  Does your facial hair stop you from socialising, and doing the things you want to do?  If this sounds like you, then Angela at Nay Nay’s needs you!

I want to show you that shaving is not the only way to deal with your facial hair.  Yes, you may have tried waxing or threading, but these are temporary methods of hair removal; the hair will keep growing back. Plus, it needs to be long enough in order to be removed effectively, which means growing it a bit…and that may not be an option for you.  Facial bleaches, and hair removal creams are other things you may have tried, but again, these are temporary, and can really irritate your skin over time, making it sore, sensitive, and red… not a great look.

Electrolysis however, is permanent.  A tiny probe is passed into the base of the hair follicle, and the inside of the follicle is treated so that it can no longer support a hair.  Once a follicle has been treated while the hair is in the correct phase of growth, a hair won’t grow out of it any more.  You can keep shaving in between electrolysis sessions to keep on top of any regrowth, as long as there is just enough of the hair visible to grab with tweezers when you come in for your appointment.  Depending on how fast your hair grows through, you may even be able to shave on the morning of your appointment as usual.  So, nobody needs to know you’re doing anything different, and your secret will be safe.

You’re not the only person out there secretly shaving, it’s actually more common than you might think. The problem is, nobody wants to admit to it, so everyone thinks they’re alone!  If you’re a secret shaver, your hair growth is coarse, and you feel like shaving is ruling your life, I’d like to offer you something special.  I want to help you get rid of this problem.  So, during August 2017, the first 10 “secret shavers” to email me can claim an initial electrolysis consultation for just £15, instead of £30.  It gives you a chance to chat with me, ask any questions you want to ask, and I can explain the process to you fully.  If you want to, you can then try Electrolysis, to see if you’d like to treat your hairs this way.

An initial consultation for just £15 with Angela is available during August 2017 by emailing reception@naynays.co.uk with the subject line “secret shavers”.  Your email will be treated in the strictest confidence.  There are only 10 spaces available for this offer, and follow up treatments start from £20 per session.  For more information about this offer, please email. For more information, call the salon on 01903 367483, alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking here

Angela Moulding
Angela Moulding
Angela is the go to girl for all things skin care related. She has 9 years experience training the trainers in advanced electrical equipment and is our skin care specialist! Along with advanced skin care knowledge, Angela brings with her qualifications in intimate waxing, lava shell massage and eyelash lifting!

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