Which type of hair removal is right for me?

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5th July 2017
Hair Removal Worthing
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25th July 2017
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Which type of hair removal is right for me?

Hair Removal Worthing

Here at Nay Nay’s, we offer an extensive range of hair removal options; but how do you know which is right for you!?  Hopefully the following information will help you determine the pros and cons of each, and decide which one is the best for you…

Waxing with “strip wax”

Still the most popular method, and yet often the most misunderstood.  Waxing is the temporary removal of hair from the root, and contrary to popular belief, your hair doesn’t need to be very long! We suggest about the length of a grain of rice for an effective wax treatment.   Strip wax refers to the method of waxing which involves a fluid, sticky wax being applied to the skin, before a paper or fabric strip is rubbed onto it, and removed.  This type of wax is great for all areas of the face and body as it provides a quick, effective treatment over larger areas.

Waxing with “non-strip wax”

This is a little less understood, and perhaps underused type of wax.  It is much thicker in consistency, and sets hard on the skin. No strip is needed to remove it, hence the name “non-strip” wax.  It shrinks as it sets, trapping the hairs within it, yet it doesn’t stick to the skin. So, this type of wax is kinder to the skin in delicate areas, such as bikini and underarm wax.  All our intimate wax treatments are completed using non-strip wax, for this reason.  You can also request it for all bikini and underarm waxes.


This is an ancient technique which has become very popular in the last 10 years.  A reel of smooth, antibacterial cotton is twisted and moved over the skin systematically.  As it moves, hairs become trapped in the coiled thread and are pulled out from the root.  So threading essentially does what waxing does, but without any product or heat to worry about.  It is great for anyone with sensitive skin, or if you’re worried about the products used during waxing treatments.  It gives a smooth finish.


As the name suggests, this method of removing hair involves using tweezers, and removing the hairs from the follicle one by one.  This is a much more time-consuming method of hair removal than waxing and threading, and is actually much less effective.  It relies on the ability of the therapist to see every single hair, in order to be able to pull them out.  As most people have a mixture of coarse and fine hair, you risk leaving behind the finer hairs, as they’re harder to see.  By comparison, waxing and threading remove every single hair, regardless of whether the therapist can see them or not.


This is the only proven permanent method of hair removal available.  It involves inserting a probe, smaller than the width of a hair, between the hair and the follicle wall. Once the probe has been inserted a mild electrical charge is released, which damages the blood supply to that individual hair.  Once that hair has been treated, in the correct phase of growth, it will not grow back.  Occasionally hairs require multiple treatment, but the end result should be permanent.  Because hairs are treated individually, one by one, this is a time-consuming process, but the end results make it well worth it! Perfect for smaller areas such a upper lip, chin, and neck, but providing you’re prepared to commit to regular treatments, larger areas can also be treated.

Waxing, Threading and Tweezing treatments are all recommended roughly once every 4 weeks, depending on your individual hair growth cycle.  Electrolysis treatments are recommended once a fortnight, until the hair growth diminishes; usually results will start to be seen within the first 6 sessions.

Hair removal treatments at Nay Nay’s start from just £10, and are available with most of our therapists. If you’re not sure what to book in for, please ask! We are discrete, and promise to match you up with the best treatment option for your needs. For more information, call the salon on 01903 367483, alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking here

Angela Moulding
Angela Moulding
Angela is the go to girl for all things skin care related. She has 9 years experience training the trainers in advanced electrical equipment and is our skin care specialist! Along with advanced skin care knowledge, Angela brings with her qualifications in intimate waxing, lava shell massage and eyelash lifting!

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