• Where can I find your list of treatments & prices?
    You can find these by visiting our Treatments & Bookings page – click here
  • How do the loyalty points work?
    Each time you have a treatment with us you earn points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can then use them to pay for a treatment (Please Note: You need to have enough points to pay for the full value of the treatment, as our salon system will not let us allocate partial points)
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can request an appointment via our Treatments & Bookings page 24/7 – click here. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to call the salon on 01903 367483. If all the team are in treatments, you can leave a message on our answer machine. However, we do advise that you consider using our online system to avoid missing out on preferred dates / times whilst you await a call back.
  • What are your opening hours?
    You can find our up to date opening days / hours by visiting: https://www.vagaro.com/naynays/about on the right hand side of the page as you scroll down.
  • Do you stock Glitterlips?
    We sure do, click here and see the amazing range we can offer you.
  • What is the Fleek Clique Membership?
    Membership is £15 per month and is non refundable. It’s a rolling membership whereby you can opt in/out by the 1st of every month. When you’re in, you’ll get priority on all bookings and access to the secret community with all it’s treasures. ** Priority Booking ** ** Exclusive Offers (members only) ** ** Complimentary Welcome Gift – when you first join ** ** Access to Secret Facebook Community Group ** ** Free VIP Entry to yearly Fleek Party (Minimum continuous three month membership to gain free VIP entry) ** – click here to subscribe
  • There is time available on the booking page, but I cannot book a specific treatment in?
    This could be one of two reasons: 1) there may not be enough time on the date chosen due to the length of the appointment 2) The room or resource used for your chosen treatment is already reserved for another appointment.
  • I have forgotten the aftercare that was recommended after my treatment. Where can I find it?
    We have aftercare information on the website, which can be accessed by clicking here.


    • Do I need a patch test prior to having Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Lift or Tint / Eyebrow Tint?
      Yes, if it’s your first lash or brow appointment with us, then you will need a Skin sensitivity test (patch test). The patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to your appointment and can be booked in by clicking here (you will find the Eyelash Extensions Sensitivity Test located under Eyelash Extensions and Tint Test under Eye Treatments.
    • How long do Eyelash Extensions last?
      This can vary dependant on your Eyelash cycle and how well you follow the After Care we recommend. But usually, they last 2-3 weeks between maintenance. Volume lashes last around 4 weeks.
    • My Eyelashes are blonde, so should I have them tinted first?
      A tint would certainly add a wow factor and eliminate the need for mascara underneath, however it is not essential. We can also offer dark brown lashes, which look great for natural blondes.
    • Do you do Cluster Lashes?
      No we don’t. But we do offer buy & apply strip eyelash extensions for a more temporary fix.


  • Is a spray tan advisable just before going away on holiday?
    You definitely can have a spray tan before your holiday, plenty of people do! It doesn’t give you any protection from the sun so you’d still need your SPF, and chlorine from the swimming pool can start to fade it quicker, but a spray tan is perfect to stop you feeling too pale when you first arrive!!
  • Will a spray tan affect my skin naturally tanning?
    Your skin will respond to the sun exactly the same as it normally would. A spray tan doesn’t affect your skins own natural tan. So if you usually go brown in the sun then this will still happen.
  • Will the spray tan turn me orange?
    We use SiennaX spray tan which definitely won’t turn you orange! You choose the depth of colour you want, by how long you leave it before your first shower. 2 hours gives you a nice light colour, 4 hours gives a more obvious tan, and some of our clients leave it on overnight for a darker colour.
  • Will going in the pool turn my spray tan streaky?
    No it won’t go streaky, but it may start to fade faster; chlorine is basically a form of bleach, and it can make your skin dry, which can make the tan wear off faster, but you can help prevent that by moisturising your skin.
  • I am getting married, when would be best to have a spray tan?
    We would recommend three days prior to the event.


  • How much is Bridal Makeup?
    Please click here to get prices & enquire
  • Can you provide a simple hair style for my wedding?
    No, but we do recommend other professionals – please see our supplier list click here.
  • How much do you charge to do Makeup for a special occasion?
    This costs £35 (inc VAT) per person and includes complimentary strip eyelashes.
  • Do you offer makeup lessons?
    We sure do, it’s £30 in total for an hour session (or £15 split between two people).


  • How long does the hair need to be before it can be waxed?
    As a guideline we would suggest that hair needs to be about the length of a grain of rice for effective waxing. A tiny bit longer is fine but no shorter. So if you’re shaving, it’s probably only a week to 10 days of growth.
  • How long will it last once I have been waxed?
    How long it lasts depends on your natural hair growth cycle, but most of my clients return in 4-6 weeks to be waxed again. So you should get a good couple of weeks with minimal regrowth. Definitely better than shaving!
  • What do you use to wax?
    Depending on your preference, we can use a strip wax or non strip / hot wax (prices vary and can be found on our Treatments & Booking page – please click here)
  • How many courses of Electrolysis are needed for hair removal?
    It depends on what’s causing through hair growth, and what stage of growth each hair is in, and how many hairs need removing.   Ideally we would have more of an idea after 6 treatments or so,  as to how well your hairs are responding.


  • How long does a Minx Pedicure last?
    Some clients have 6 weeks of wear out of Minx, but strictly speaking we recommend removal after 2-4 weeks. Toenails grow a lot slower than fingernails, so generally speaking they last a little longer.
  • How long will a Gel Polish last?
    Providing they are looked after, you will have 10-14+ days wear from them.
  • What Minx Nail designs do I have to choose from?
    If you are after something specific that we do not already have in the salon, then once you have booked your Minx Manicure or Pedicure, visit sweetsquared.com and let us know via Facebook Messenger which design you prefer. Please note: You’ll need to allow 7 days for delivery.
  • Do you do acrylic nails?
    I’m afraid we don’t offer acrylics. But we can offer you Fibreglass / Silk Nail Extensions. We use a man made mesh, which adheres to the natural nail plate or a synthetic tip using resin or glue. It’s a very skilled form of extension and has a fine, thin finish.
  • How long does a set of Fibreglass / Silk Nail Extensions last for?
    We normally ask to see you 2 weeks after your first set, so that we are able to establish how long you can go in between infills. As each persons nail growth differs. Fibreglass extensions and overlays are extremely durable and are ideal for clients who prefer low maintenance nail services
  • My nail has chipped, is the repair free?
    In the unlikely event that your nail lacquer chips, our policy is to repair free of charge within 48 hours of the application, providing the after care has been followed. We will require you to visit us, or send us a photo of the damage during that timeframe. After 48 hours, nail repairs are charged at £4 per nail, and we cannot accept liability for any damage incurred.