The Dry Manicure

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5th July 2017
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5th July 2017
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The Dry Manicure

There are many different manicures available when visiting salons these days, but here at Nay Nay’s, we decided to offer what are officially known as “Dry Manicures”.  While not completely dry (we do use a little water at the beginning), this refers to the practice of not soaking your nails in water for a period of time.  But why have we done this?  Let me explain…

Firstly, water is not the enemy! We need it to keep our hands clean, and we do use a bowl of water in our manicure treatments to wash off our sumptuous exfoliating scrub.  This helps to remove dead skin cells, it cleans your skin and nails, keeps your skin super soft, and promotes good blood circulation to your nails.

A traditional (read: “old fashioned”!) manicure, would have your fingertips soaking in a bowl of frothy warm water for 5 – 10 minutes in order to soften your cuticles.  If your cuticles are very overgrown, and thickened, then soaking is undoubtedly the most effective way to tackle them.  Unfortunately though, that’s not all that softens with prolonged water contact…

Your nails are porous, meaning they absorb whatever they come into contact with.  If you’re an avid user of cuticle oil, you will probably be well aware of this fact.  So, when soaking in water, the nail will absorb a lot of moisture.  Just as a sponge expands when it’s in water, so do your nails.

After soaking, inevitably the time comes to paint the nails towards the end of your treatment.  However, it takes more time for the waterlogged nail to shrink back than it takes for nail polish to dry. Therefore, you end up with a coat of polish which is too large for the surface it covers, which makes it more prone to lifting, peeling, and chipping.  So by employing the dry manicure technique, and skipping the soaking as we do at Nay Nay’s, it is likely you will experience an extra day or two without needing to remove your varnish.

We offer several manicure options, depending on your time available, how much of a pamper you’d like, and your budget;

Simple File & Polish, Mini Manicure, Enrichment Manicure and A Touch of Luxury are all available with all therapists at Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique, and cost from £10 to £45.  We also offer Gel Polish, with services starting from £23.For more information, call the salon on 01903 367483, alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking here

Angela Moulding
Angela Moulding
Angela is the go to girl for all things skin care related. She has 9 years experience training the trainers in advanced electrical equipment and is our skin care specialist! Along with advanced skin care knowledge, Angela brings with her qualifications in intimate waxing, lava shell massage and eyelash lifting!

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