What are “In growing Hairs”?

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3rd July 2017
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What are “In growing Hairs”?


If you have any kind of hair removal done, you may well have heard the term “in growing hairs” before.  As waxing therapists, we harp on about them all the time! But do you know what they are, what causes them, and how to help minimise them?  No?! Then read on!

Usually, a hair will form in the follicle, grow upwards, and break through to the surface without a problem.  But occasionally, hairs can get “stuck”.  They grow upwards, but they are blocked from being able to break through to the surface.  This sometimes happens when you have very fine hair, or a dry skin. The hair reaches the opening of the follicle, finds itself up against a barrier, but will carry on growing; it has to find somewhere to go, so it curls up on itself inside the follicle. Often this causes no problem at all, and over time the hair may be able to break through on its own without intervention.

You may be able to see the hairs growing along underneath the skin; in this case, follow your therapists’ advice!  Exfoliate, and moisturise!  Your skin is keeping these hairs captive under the surface, often because it is too dry. So the simplest way to deal with the problem is to scrub your skin a couple of times a week with a good exfoliator to remove the dead cells. Then follow with a moisturiser, to keep your skin soft & hydrated, and to give your hairs the best chance of poking through.

Problems with ingrowing hairs occur when the follicle becomes infected, and you see a raised, red bump, possibly with a white head; this is an indication of Folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the follicle, and possibly infection, too.

If you notice an infected follicle, try not to squeeze it! Applying tea tree oil, or a similar antiseptic to the area repeatedly will help to calm it down, and soothe the area.  If you can see the hair easily within the follicle, you can use sterile tweezers to pull it out (If you’re having waxing done, your therapist may do this for you). But never dig at a hair lying deep in the skin, you may make the infection worse, or cause scarring.

In growing hairs can occur all over the body, including head and face.  Some people are more prone to them than others, and contrary to popular belief, one method of hair removal is not necessarily “better” for preventing them than another; what suits one person may be no good for the next! Finding the right method of hair removal that works for you is important.

We can offer lots of advice to you if you’re considering a different form of hair removal, or are having problems with in growing hairs, and we can also recommend products to minimise them, or to treat them, too.

Waxing, Threading, and Electrolysis are available at Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique with our highly qualified and experienced therapists, and treatments start from just £10 per area.  Products are available to order via the salon.  For more information, call the salon on 01903 367483, alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking here

Angela Moulding
Angela Moulding
Angela is the go to girl for all things skin care related. She has 9 years experience training the trainers in advanced electrical equipment and is our skin care specialist! Along with advanced skin care knowledge, Angela brings with her qualifications in intimate waxing, lava shell massage and eyelash lifting!

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