5th July 2017

Let’s talk waxing ladies and gents..

Let’s talk waxing ladies and gents. Before you get your pins and pits out for us to defuzz, have a read of how to get the […]
5th July 2017

What is the dry, bumpy skin at the tops of my arms?

A fairly common problem, we often speak to clients who are embarrassed about the skin on the tops of their arms.  Rather than appearing smooth, it […]
3rd July 2017

What are “In growing Hairs”?

If you have any kind of hair removal done, you may well have heard the term “in growing hairs” before.  As waxing therapists, we harp on […]
9th January 2017

Skin Care Awareness Month – Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2 of 4 fantastic weeks of skincare advice!  We hope you have enjoyed our ageing skin blog, along with all the […]
2nd January 2017

Skincare Awareness Month – Week 1

Hello and welcome to the Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique Blog As industry professionals, we are passionate about keeping you informed and educated about the beauty industry. […]