Let’s talk waxing ladies and gents..

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5th July 2017
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Let’s talk waxing ladies and gents..


Let’s talk waxing ladies and gents. Before you get your pins and pits out for us to defuzz, have a read of how to get the smoothest result possible.

* LENGTH– Your hair needs to be about the length of a grain of rice. If it’s super short, we probably won’t get it all out, baby hairs ready to pop through will still do so, so you won’t be smooth for long. However you don’t need to wait weeks and weeks with plaited leg hair, which seems to be a bit of a misconception.

*TOUCH– Don’t touch up your smoothness, even though you feel like a sexy dolphin. You’ll introduce bacteria and irritate sensitised skin. Especially in this heat. Speaking of which, in summer especially, stay away from hot, steamy conditions and sunshine to avoid irritation.

*EXFOLIATE– If you exfoliate you will be less likely to get ingrown hairs, it will hurt less because we won’t be removing all your old skin, and it’ll lift the hair making your wax as successful as possible.

*MOISTURISE… But not just before your wax. Moisturising helps in a similar way to exfoliation, but moisturise before your wax and the wax will struggle to grip.

*TALK to us about any medication, medical care, allergies or skin conditions as it may affect your treatment.

*PAIN– we’re pretty good at the ole waxing 🤓 so we’re often told, in a shocked tone, how little it hurts. We use super hygienic, vegan, sensitive wax and we have a great technique which reduces pain but avoid being waxed at your time of the month as it’s a little more ouchy.

Be hair free, ladies and gents of Worthing, and rock those short shorts!

Waxing, Threading, and Electrolysis are available at Nay Nay’s Beauty Boutique with our highly qualified and experienced therapists, and treatments start from just £10 per area.  Products are available to order via the salon.  For more information, call the salon on 01903 367483, alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking here

Karen Birtles
Karen Birtles
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